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VEA is an event company that produces visible, edible, and audible experiences for a variety of audiences.


By finding inspiration in the space and mission of an event host, VEA creates innovative immersive events for nonprofit organizations, communities, and private entities. VEA acts as a collaborator, connector, organizer, and fundraiser by facilitating an intertwining of the visual, culinary, and auditory arts in order to reach new audiences and provide exclusive events for forward-thinking organizations.    


How It Works:

  • VEA sources dynamic artists, chefs, and musicians who are interested in interdisciplinary collaboration and inspired by food, visual arts, and audience experience

  • VEA works with artist and chef collaborators to curate each space as a cohesive environment

  • VEA customizes each event to the needs of the hosting organization, participating creatives, and limiting factors of space, budget, and time

  • VEA assists with the acquisition of donations and event sponsors for nonprofit events

  • VEA manages all event logistics with marketing support from event hosts and oversees all dining experiences

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